Why Choose CQI and IRCA Certified Training?

Putting an ISO management system into place in your organisation can be a major project. So when you’re looking to train the people who will be running or auditing the management system, you need to make sure the training comes from a trustworthy source. 

If you’ve already been looking for courses, you’ll have likely come across IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) and CQI (Chartered Quality Institute). Courses with these marks of excellence are delivered by approved partners only, must be created to stringent standards, and must be fully reviewed and approved before they can be delivered. 

Once a delegate has successfully completed an auditor-level course, they can also register with IRCA to be included on the International Register of Certified Auditors. 

So what are the benefits of choosing a CQI IRCA course?

Competency Framework – Thanks to the unique Competency Framework that courses are built around, delegates can demonstrate key skills that are essential to employers.

Approved Training Partners – Those delivering the courses are stringently assessed. This means you can be assured you’re learning from someone knowledgeable and experienced in the subject. 

Professional Recognition and Development – Successfully completing a CQI IRCA course not only demonstrates your professional commitment and skills, but opens up a vast amount of professional development opportunities. 

What Type of Course Do I Need?

To provide the most suitable training for your job role and career stage, there are three levels of certified training available:

·      Foundation – the basics for those who are in non-management roles and are new to quality management or auditing.

·      Practitioner – intermediate training for current or aspiring middle management roles, who have experience in or are currently practicing quality management or auditing. This includes Internal Auditor and Transition courses.

·      Professional – advanced training for current or aspiring senior management roles, who are practicing high-level quality management and auditing duties. This includes Lead Auditor and Conversion courses. 

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